Friday, October 16, 2009

Big Woods Attack! AKA El Sucio, Cat of the Week

Well, no pics because I JUST got my camera back, but I wanted to relate a little story that happened about a week ago when my niece (9) and nephew (4) were staying with us. Overall, we had a great time. They are welcome back any time and hopefully next time my other nephew (7) can come, too!

So, the other night after dinner, we were having a dance party of sorts (I like to move it, move it, anyone?) and generally merry-making and fun-having.
Suddenly, a god-awful racket kicked up from our front porch. Emma and I ran out there to see what was going on and found Ladybird and Striper looking on as Sucio fought ferociously with what looked like Trusty. As I was yelling and trying to figure out WHY Trusty was attacking Sucio, Emma cried out, "It's a raccoon!!"

And it was.

About that time, as thoughts such as "I need a gun!" "I need a big stick" "Here's a big stick!" were running through my head (I vaguely remember shouting things to Adam, but have no idea what they were), the raccoon took off across the yard. Sucio ran up the porch posts onto the rafters (in about .2 seconds).

In the following moments, we got Sucio down from the porch, Emma helped round up and account for the other cats (Striper and Ladybird split when the raccoon went barreling past them, Trusty showed up moments later like, "whoa, what happened?") and I inspected Sucio for wounds. Didn't see anything at first and I thought we were going to get lucky.
Short of it, we weren't.
He's got a huge "V" of skin flapping on his left hind leg, right at the hock.

Trip to the emergency vet.
Twice daily medications, general surveillance.
Everything will likely be fine, he was up to date on his rabies, thank God. He got a booster, some anti-biotics, wound cleaning/care etc. He's got a big bandage on it and we're hoping the skin will heal and reattach, otherwise, it'll have to be cut off, and the wound will just have to scar over, which will take a lot longer.
He's had to go back to the vet for bandage assessment and we had to switch anti-biotics because the first ones were making him puke all over the house. Which is just about the last thing anyone needs.

Don't think the raccoon was rabid, because he sure lit out of there pretty quick once I showed up and started shouting :-). I have to say we're a bit proud of El Sucio for sticking it to the ol' 'coon, he held his own! Cat of the Week!!
Anyway, he's doing well, seems to be enjoying laying around on Buck's lambskin all day and doesn't seem to have any inclination to dart outside, even though he's spent the last several months out-of-doors.

This is good, as when we move, we'll most likely be keeping all the cats inside for awhile.

Oops-- didn't know we were moving?? That's a whole 'nother post...