Monday, July 13, 2009

Buck's First Ride

Let me preface this by saying that it was my dream that Buck would ride a horse before he could walk. Well, that didn't happen, but I finally got Buck on a horse! And was not disappointed.

Can't believe we didn't get a video, but you get the point.
Buck was so eager to get on the horse that they actually let him skip in line in front of the bigger kids. He was squealing and would cry every time the horses started walking away with their riders. I had a thought that he would get a little unsure when the horse started walking, but he absolutely loved it. He was so happy to be on that horse! (her name is Candy, by the way)

This was at Flintlock Farm, a primarily Morgan Horse operation where I take riding lessons (my Mother's Day present). The folks here are really nice, laid-back, and know a ton about Morgans. They had a barn party this weekend, with food, demos, pony rides, and ((wait for it)) ... horse painting. Yes, painting. Horse. Don't worry, there are pictures.

The other lady in the picture is Anne, my instructor. She and her husband Rob run the barn and do all the training/lessons. They have riders from 4 up to 50. They do everything from Western Pleasure to English Pleasure (two very different disciplines!) and every style in between. I should probably do a post the differences between them. I'll work on that...
Unfortunately, Buck napped through the demos, so I don't have any pictures from that. The horses are just beautiful-- some of them are just showy as can be-- they pick their feet way up, arch their necks and tails, and are generally big show-offs. These are the ones that sell for thirty grand!! (I've set my sights somewhat lower after learning this). Here's "Harley," driving (from the Flintlock Farms website)

Buck and Anne and Rob's little boy, who is just a few months older than Buck.

And this is their daughter- she just turned 5 and is probably already a better rider than I am...

You may think that this little boy is offering his tractor to Buck, but you'd be wrong. This is actually baby language for, "See this? It's mine!! You can't have it, so don't even try!"

"I said, don't even try!!"

And here is Candy again, being painted, and taking it like a saint...

All in all, it was a really fun day. Buck even got to sit on one of the fancy show horses, Rose, which of course, we failed to capture on camera. He didn't want to get down, either!! All the horses are very friendly, friendliness being a characteristic of the Morgan breed, but I think that they had a special affinity for Buck!

I also think this proves, more than ever, that we need our own horse(s).
I'm sure you will agree.


  1. I agree. If only there were some land somewhere... with nice neighbors... who would grow you vegetables... and loan you their big kids... and help you ride all those horses...

    Rotten luck that nothing like that exists for you :P

    P.S. Awwww! Another Candy!

  2. P.P.S. Why am I not surprised that Buck is a complete natural? With you as mama, (not to mention an equine namesake!) how could he not be?

    Lookin' good, Buckaroo!

  3. Ummmm....need your own horse? Be careful, that can lead to years of cleaning hooves, mucking stables, buying hard to find GOOD hay, calling the vet at all hours of the day and night because of colic, finding a good farrier, cleaning saddles, worrying about sand colic, flies, worms...well you get the picture. But they sure were fun when we had them. Now, we are blessed to have someone with horses that rents our barn, so we get to look at, brush, offer sugar cubes, see the babies being born and they pay us. Best of both worlds. Might want to try it.


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